Bulk Buying and Re-Branding


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GROW. Grow your brand, your business, or your audience. We can customize Investor Showdown with your branding.

Unique Marketing
You can more strongly associate your brand with goodwill message of increasing financial literacy. As a giveaway, your name can have a much longer-lasting presence in the homes and minds of future customers.

Very Economical
Small and compact with paper-based components, Investor Showdown can accommodate almost any budget.

• Card games stay in the household for years or even decades, allowing for multi-generational exposure.

• With games lasting around 60 minutes, the average person will see the your name hundreds of times per game and relate financial education and expertise with the brand even at a young age. The cost to you will be minuscule each time someone sees it.

• Traditional or even web advertising can’t compare to the learning experience and entertainment value that our game would provide. For less than some online ad clicks, potential customers can have their own game issued by you.

To inquire about bulk-buying, or re-branding the game to include your school, company, or information, please send us a message.