Play Video

2 - 4 Players

From age 14 and older.


Learn to play in about a minute!

30 - 60 MINS

Averages 30 to 60 minutes to finish.

Investor Showdown is all about investing and putting money to work, for YOU! If you wish to have more players, you can combine two games together, accommodating up to 8 people playing with the standard game rules.

There is no one winning strategy!

It allows players to build their portfolios and increase their investment income in a variety of ways, allowing for the full range between conservative doomsayers and aggressive risk-takers.

Manage your cash and build your portfolio!

Your buying and selling decisions, along with how you manage risk, are the prime factors involved. You’ll also find a healthy respect for the sound principles of smart investing – such as diversification.


Investor Showdown includes a 90 Card Deck, a bank of Play Money, a simple Rules Booklet, and a couple which you can read about below.


51 investments (including Funds and 9 asset types), 10 enhancements (like Strategy and Education), and 29 events (such as Bad Economy, Collect All Rent Income, and Cash is King).


Three simple denominations – $100, $500, and $1000.
For easy math and fast transactions.


You can start playing within a minute. There are also alternate rules (Cash Counts!, Better Buying!, Shorter Game!, and Longer Game!) for custom and variation game-play, that can even be combined if you wish.